Portfolio of Color Consultation Projects & Seminars

Color Consultation Projects

Color consultation is available in a range of areas: products, packaging, logos, corporate image, web design, and architecture. Our projects are as diverse as our clients. Color solutions for Dow Chemical, Gilette, and many small businesses are in our portfolio.

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Color design for Xerox printers, Panel of Color Experts - "Color Sense", color seminars, research and writing

E-Z-GO Golf Cars
  Colors for the world's leading manufacturer of golf cars and utility vehicles - E-Z-GO, a Textron Inc. company

The North Face
 Color specifications for athletic gear and search and rescue visibility

Tylenol, Ortho McNeil
  Pharmaceutical color consultation for the colors of "Extra Strength Rapid Release" capsules


Seminars, Workshops, and Keynotes

Color professor Jill Morton offers a series of seminars and custom workshops that will create a color impact in your business and in your life. We cover all aspects of color - from design theory to color psychology and marketing.

We'll bring the power of color to you.

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A.F. Smith - Color Seminar
- Bermuda

"Colour Everywhere" presentations about how color can boost business and increase productivity in the workplace. One session was held for business people, one for architects and interior designers.


Xerox Color Academy -Vienna, Austria and Thun, Switzerland - January 2011

Jill Morton presented three seminars about the effects of color on our mind, eyes, and body for Xerox employees in two European countries. The effects of color on marketing and business were also part of the seminars.


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