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Branding and marketing require critical color logic — nothing can be left to whimsy. Colorcom's consultants are experts in color psychology and branding design. You can trust us to get it right – and scientifically right at that.

Why color matters

People see color before they absorb anything else.

Marketing research indicates that over 80% of visual information is related to color. In other words, color conveys information—and sometimes these color signals are so subliminal that no one notices. Color can clearly identify a product or an organization—or communicate the quality of the merchandise. The right color is worth a thousand words–and can even make a multi-million dollar difference. (See our article "A Color that's Worth $80,000,000.")

How we work with you

Here are some of the ways that we'll develop the best color solutions for your project:

1. Color Psychology
We pinpoint the colors that convey your message about a product or service—and with demographics in mind. In fact, we use up-to-date information about consumer color preferences from our database to back it up.) And another thing: The effects of color can be trend-related or timeless. We address either or both.

2. Color Design
We're experts when it comes to creating harmonious and innovative color combinations—and we've published several books about color design that universities and many designers use. We develop colors that work in sync with each other as well as color combinations that are so unusual that they create that "wow" factor.

3. Visual Effects - Attention Getting or Soothing Colors
The visual effects of the colors are serious considerations. Color immediately affects the mechanisms of the human eye. Some colors pop out, others recede. (This is a critical aspect of "Point of Purchase" design.) Furthermore, some colors can irritate the eyes; others are comfortable and calming. We'll deliver the best visual effects for your project.


No project is too big or too small for us. Here are some of our clients.



"Thank you for your excellent work. I now believe I was right to seek professional help to decide the color. I wish I had sought your help earlier.  When I saw the color you specified, I knew – yes that’s it."

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Data from our Global Color Survey will help target the best colors for your customers.

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