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Color Expertise for Legal Issues

Color Challenges and Our Expertise

We'll help you achieve your legal goals with our litigation support and multimedia services for color.

Our expertise in color branding psychology, the visual effects of color, and design strategy has been tapped for numerous color trademark disputes and other legal cases. We also offer multimedia services for PowerPoint presentations, charts, photographs, and other visual media for the courtroom.

Color Trademarks and Brand Identity

Facts matter. We bring an extensive analysis of color to the legal issues that arise in color trademark and brand identity disputes. Colorcom's pro, Jill Morton, has the credentials, knowledge, and legal experience to analyze the disputed colors, including but not limited to function, symbolism, and visual effects. Furthermore, we have a color database of over half a million entries that support our analyses.

Recent project: Rain Bird trademark declaration submitted in support is part of the public record.


Personal Injury

We provide support for personal injury litigation with our expertise in the psychological and visual effects of colors. For example, colors can create conditions that cause fatigue, increase stress, decrease visual perception, damage eyesight, increase possible worker errors, and negatively affect orientation and safety.

Multimedia Support Services for the Courtroom

Words alone may not suffice because our primary source of sensory input is visual. Pictures and colors can sway thinking – and are more engaging than text or the spoken word. Current marketing research has reported that approximately 80% of what we assimilate through all the senses, is visual.

Colorcom's professionals are experts in creating compelling visual pictures to support your case. We take it step further by using color to create the right perceptual and psychological effect.

We're experts in all visual media—PowerPoint presentations, charts, photographs—and even what your client wears during the trial.


Jill Morton heads the legal support team. She holds a Masters Degree in Design and has served as faculty at several universities. Ms. Morton is also the author of a highly acclaimed series of publications about color psychology, color theory, and multimedia design.


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