Consumer Color Preferences

Color is serious business.

How do you choose colors that communicate the right message? Does the symbolism of a color differ between men and women, between teenagers and adults? Are there geographic differences? Indeed there are – and many of them are amazing.

Consequently, demographic differences define the consumer’s perceptions of colors. These are critical for all color strategies for visual communication, be it a product, a logo, a website, or any other visual image.

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Stay up-to-the-minute on consumers’ color preferences.

Questions about color

Substantive data from the Global Color Survey provides the answers. Since 1997, we've been gathering data from over 200,000 people worldwide. The current "Global Color Survey" database is a compilation of demographic information about color symbolism and color preferences. As such, it has become the first database of its kind.

Note: Detailed information about the database can be found at the Demographic Research about Color.

Here's how demographic data about color helped a client with a critical color selection:

Wow! How cool. The color we had recommended for the packaging was purple - The client didn't like it and wanted justification for our choice. The data from the Global Color Survey showed that purple scored as either the #1 or #2 in all four age groups ! Thank you. This is going to make my presentation a lot easier.
Jim - Webster Design Group